“The creative process can be so revealing in that it is almost always a reflection of those who have the courage to take it on as an endeavor.”

The projects presented within this portfolio are projects that Exline Design has done over the past 20 years. The breadth of project subject matters, site locations, and renowned clientele are testament to the firm’s ability to deliver innovation and quality on a national and international level. Much of the work has been collaborative, where Exline has had a leading or key role within the greater team’s creative efforts.

The portfolio is organized into five general project types:

RESIDENTIAL – Probably the most–heard complaint about hiring a designer to create a custom “contemporary” home is that the end result feels too stark and cold. Let’s face it, houses are for people! Exline Design is committed to exploring the contemporary expression of “house” while maintaining a sense of livability, family, and warmth. This portfolio of custom residential projects presents Exline’s ability to capture this hybrid notion of people–friendly contemporary single-family housing.

RETAIL – Shopping is one of America’s favorite pastimes, and much of the world seems to be following suit. Of course, this means that patrons are looking for much more than just a place to pick–up required necessities. The projects presented in this part of the portfolio depict how Exline’s entertainment background has been well utilized by a number of retail development efforts.

MIXED USE – In today’s complex world, many developmental efforts require the consideration of more than just one project type. This portion of the portfolio presents some of Exline Design’s conceptual master–planning assignments that incorporate a varying number of appropriately combined mixed–uses.


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