How to attract shoppers? In this competitive world, it is a virtual science that has evolved substantially over the last several decades. Shopping is no longer simply a means for acquiring necessary goods, but it is a pastime and a means of entertainment in and of itself. The most successful shopping centers today are finding a marketing edge in creating public spaces for shoppers that are not only pleasant and attractive, but also incorporate a mix of opportunities including retail anchors, specialty boutique shops, unique dining experiences, and various forms of entertainment. From festive retail centers to actual themed retail, the typical shopping mall of only a few years ago no longer offers a captivating experience that will compete in the marketplace.

Exline Design participates in bringing creative and innovative retail concepts to the retail and shopping industry. The projects presented here are a sampling of both landlord–built centers and an innovative tenant improvement project.

IRVINE SPECTRUM CENTER – Meandering alleyways of a recreated Andalusian Village provide shopping and entertainment for Southern California.

MORIGUCHI MOAT TOWN – Referencing a Japanese feudal city, this retail center concept revitalized an industrial area of Osaka.

CUT • IT • OUT – A tenant improvement prototype capturing the unique quality of the personalized retail product.

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